Thursday, January 31, 2013

[TECH]: BLACKBERRY 10 - Detailed Review

Detailed review from the dindindara gang.

The Blackberry 10 has finally launched but is it too late?

Well, with what we have experienced on this new blackberry 10 platform I would say it’s too awesome to be too late, the new BB 10 devices took a long awaited delve into a highly competitive market with the likes of “Android Jelly Bean”, “Windows phone 8” and “IOS 6”…
. So how is the blackberry Z10 supposed to reignite the fortunes of RIM? Why is this new platform a must experience for every Nigerian? This wasn’t written in a hurry, we experienced it and brought you a detailed review which we will update over the coming weeks.

The new blackberry 10 experience has scrapped everything we thought was cool on the OS7 platform by rebuilding from the ground up. An entirely new user interface with a home screen that comprises of active frames…. Yes I know what you are thinking; MTN and the rest will not give us 1500 BIS anymore because the data requirements have jumped by a lot. Well not necessarily, except they want to chop our money. RIM states clearly that these frames require only the minimum possible amount of data to function since it comes with the QNX core.

The new blackberry experience functions with mere gestures. Swipe here swipe there and be awesome!!! And then there is the new blackberry HUB that pulls in all forms of communication into that one easy to access portal… 

 BBM returns with a dash of paint. In  they launched BBM voice on OS 7 recently, ashey  all na seduction, BBM video is here my igbo kwenu people… Papa bomboy can now call Obiageli and emeka in Okija and tell them “prove to me you are not drinking palm wine so I know it’s real”  Only fear I have for all this again is the fact that MTN and co will start treating us blackberry people unfairly like our android and IOS friends 

Yeah, the camera is all awesome and different now too with all those oyibo witch craft features where you can change a person’s smile and all that nonsence… after taking the picture… The new browser is awesome and way faster. Nice cascades and all that now too. The app world launches with over 70000 apps… WOW!!

dindindara gang Verdict?

The Blackberry 10 is a solid smart phone with an operating system that sets it apart from the likes of android and IOS.You might need to take a little time to get used to the new interface though, it is wayyyy different from what we are used to… Might take some getting used to. 

Have a great day readers and buy BB10.. if you can afford it… Don’t sell your kidney and your lungs oooo… Peace and love always.