Saturday, February 16, 2013

[FREEBIE]: Enjoy a superfast desktop browsing using your Glo weekly *700mb* or Monthly *3gig* BIS

I LOVE GLO! Hmmm.. you wanna know why? it's cuz i was able to maximize the services i am paying them to render for me. lol. this is no crooked or "cheat" kinda way to me tho, im only trying to portray the image of the 21st century kid, thanks to civilisation.
Now why are we here? you sef cnt wait yh?? lol. alright alright..let's get down to "bizness".

Ever wanted to enjoy your desktop browsing experience without having to fear for data consumption getting sucked up faster than putting straw into a bottle of chilled maltina on a sunny afternoon? yes of course, sweet and refreshing but finishes befrore you could heave a sigh of 'satisfaction'.  That's why i took it upon myself to find a way to satisfy my innate desires of maximising the services this lovely network is offering me while i continue to be the faithful and loyal i am..cuz im still paying them even though i found a way aroundjust being 'ordinary customer' :D

I got the glo bolt modem *as e dey hot*,just 4k and as promised by glo, i got my free 500mb after recharging N1000 monthly plan of Always micro which is normally 260mb. alright, i started using it..dammmmnnn!! superfast..and dammmmnnn..super consuming...i no know wen e reach 196mb frm 760mb..although i 'skyped' and downloaded other stuffs but notwithstanding, e pain me jor.. although the 500mb is valid for 6mths but i consumed it in less than 3 days :(..aarrrgghhh.. i subscribed for the daily plan of 150mb @ N500 and yes i was happy again as it gave me additional 200mb..still papa yet, na chilled coke on a sunny afternoon wen i start dey use am...ermm.. forgive my pidgin :p ..

So i sat down, thought to myself,  calculated mathematically...strategised like the educated mind...bored of my story yh? :(...ok! i sha had my way around using the GLO BIS plan (700mb per week @ N400) or (3gig per month @ 1400). but before delving further, you should take a peep at the Modem subscrition plans and compare it with this 700mb or 3gig *awoof* :D


 Glo 20GB Internet Browsing - Gold Plan (30 days) – N15,000
Glo 13GB Internet Browsing - Silver Plan (30 days) – N10,000
Glo 30GB Internet Browsing - Platinum Plan (30 days) – N18,000
Glo 1.5GB Internet Browsing Plan - Always Macro (30 days) – N3,000
Glo 8GB Internet Browsing Plan - Always Max (30 days) – N7,500
Glo 4GB Internet Browsing Plan - Always Min (30 days) – N5,000
Glo Always Day (24 hours) – N500 (150MB) 3G Modem - 5,000
3G Router – N30,000 (with 1 month free rental of N15,000, connects up to 100 devices)
 Here are codes for activating all day internet browsing bundles:
 Glo Always Max – Send 12 to 127 (dial *127*1#)
Glo Always Micro – Send 53 to 127 (dial *127*53#)
Glo Always Macro – Send 54 to 127 (dial *127*54#)
Glo Always Min – send 11 to 127 (dial *127*2#)
Always Day - send 10 to 127 (dial *127*3#)
Glo Platinum Browsing Plan – dial *127*13#
Gold Browsing Plan – dial *127*12#
Silver Browsing Plan - dial *127*11#
******in olamide's voice**** i no be customer care rep. ooo but i dey talk! :p

Now, before YOU can tap into this cunny discovery of mine, you'll have to subscribe for a BIS plan first. get a glo sim, to subscribe for the weekly plan which is 700mb, ( text KCoWeek' to 777) or if you prefer the monthly plan, text 'CoMonth' to 777). when this is done, you'll need a modem (preferable the new glo bolt) *usain bolt's spirit* lool.. insert the BIS subscribed SIM and .....chillllllll!!! *sips codeine* :p
Now, shaperly' put the modem to your desktop or laptop and with the belief that you must have installed the Glo desktop interface or waheva it's called :p, click TOOLS €€, then OPTIONS, then PROFILE MANAGEMENT and select 'NEW'..
You are creating a new profile to use to connect, so put a profile name of your choice e.g: Michie's Blog, by the side of the APN, make sure the "static" is checked not dynamic oo. now type "" as the APN (access point name).
put *99# as the Authentication and leave the username and password blank.. click SAVE (dont go to ADVANCED oo..i no kuku send u dr). so, you now have a new profile to connect.. guess what's next ????????????
:p for easy guide, below is a screen shot of mine :)

still guess what?????? :D..... GO TO CONNECT and click CONNECT! shikena!! Lobatan!!! :D
So you begin to enjoy your 700mb weekly at a price of N400 or 3gig monthly at a price of 1400 to activate.. or shey u prefer the modem subscription instead??? ehn..go's even advisable cuz i pray they dont catch this our "new" cruise anytime soon :D.. or are we LEARNERS??
please, if you find the info contained therein useful, share with your friends and for other bloggers and website owners, reblog it but i will be more satisfied if you provide a backlink to this post on your blog or website.. :) *bloggers code of conduct*
oh! it doesn't consume airtime either >>>yh yh
Now what you think?? feel free to share your comments below.