Thursday, June 13, 2013

iReportersTv create 10,000+ new Job opening for Nigerians has announced the launch of their new video sharing platform. A first of its kind in Africa where content up-loaders, earn money on views that their videos receive. 

 The amount they earn is based on a unique monetization algorithm. Unlike any other video monetization partnership program, is being much more transparent about the earning potential of uploaded videos for its users. 

 "With our new video sharing platform, users can earn approximately $4 for every one thousand views they receive. When you consider that we get 1.5 million visitors a month the earning potential for a video is in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars for our content providers." Says Henry Okpolokpo, Founder and Marketing Director of 

Specializing exclusively on African community based content iRTV is optimistic in the plan that their new profit sharing royalty program has the potential to create 10,000 new jobs for Nigerians and Africans throughout the world in the next 6 months. It has been Mr. Okpolokpo's vision to create a community of grassroots Citizen Journalists and filmmakers to record and upload news stories using their mobile phones and digital cameras. In return these users can earn an ongoing income by simply offering a different perspective than what the mainstream media typically presents to the public.

 Additionally funny, educational, or videos of people in authority breaking the law which have been a staple of the viral video market will all also be accepted pending content approval. Mr Henry O. says 

"As long as it's original, entertaining and fits within our ToS guidelines, we want it uploaded to our site." Furthermore Mr Henry O. encourages African artists, singers and filmmakers to upload their videos for free, share the link with their fans and followers then in return get paid in full for the views their videos receive. 

 "With this kind of revenue opportunity for musicians and filmmakers they will be able to invest more on producing higher quality videos now that they have the potential to earn even more money back.

" Says Henry O. In order to ensure a smooth launch of their new video sharing service iRTV has recently signed a $2.5 Million deal with a Canadian Video Technology company to handle the encoding, hosting and streaming of their users uploaded content. 

 "Through the powerful bespoke system that was developed from the ground up for us, each video a user uploads is formatted automatically for 5 different devices; Mobile, PC, connected TV, game consoles and Tablets.

" In order to ensure view count accuracy, Henry O concluded by saying 

"A lot of money was been spent to create a failsafe tracking system. Since views equals money, it was important for us to create a secure and accurate system that can measure, track and record views." 

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