Tuesday, October 22, 2013

[READ]: Guys, know when a Lady likes you!

Hello lovely readers, it's another beautiful day of the week and a good day to put a lingering thought into words.
Do note that this is totally from the perspective of the writer from up, close and personal researches and observations and most importantly, different interviews with the opposite sex, in this case, the Ladies.
It's understandable that Ladies have different ways of showing their interests in their choice of men due to different backgrounds, religions, culture and societal orientations. But the points listed here are obvious attitudes which can be practically noticed in every human female species.

Oh! This is like the commonest characteristic that even guys try to notice which may lead to self-assurance; in most cases, Confidence and believe they have an edge. It is true "blushing" is not noticed among blacks, obviously due to the colour of the skin but the "thrills and chills" a lady experience at the first sight of her choice of man is the same with every other female regardless of the colour or where she is from. Some may feel a cold chill trailing down their spines and have goose bumps at that instance.
I guess it's nature or scientifically, the release of hormones by specific glands causing the emission of certain behaviours, mostly excitation.
I won't go advanced now, it would only get boring..lol

The obvious signs you guys should pay attention to at this time include
- wide grins accompanied with steady eye contact
- shy ones tend to avoid the face they are beholding and instead of a big grin, you shouldn't help but notice the cute little smile which they wear with the innocent eyes looking up back at you at some instances. You are like the only option in the world at that moment.

At this point, they feel the need to act strong and may want to show some resistance (especially in this part of the world, Africa) so that you don't easily read them and think they are Head over Heels for you. This is usually important for the ladies as most guys tend to take them for granted if anything were to happen between them.

This is where you as a guy should walk up, keep your calm and be your self, respect her as the opposite sex she is and introduce yourself and normally, what you should crave for at that time is more of her happiness.
Guys, it may be helpful in some cases to be pessimistic and optimistic of the possible outcome of the interaction you are about to have with the lady, as this helps to keep your feelings in check and act more responsibly.

A mind made up for a YES/NO "Let's have drinks together sometime" prevents your feelings from going ballistic and you acting all "jerky". Just respect her decision but I won't advice you to give up easily if for incase you get a NO which may be as a result of her being in a relationship, married, or due to past experience. In most cases, the first response usually comes indecisive and as a guy, you shouldn't bank on that but get a chance to know her more "responsibly"

She pays you attention a lot! Mentally, physically and emotionally. She wants you to notice her in everything. She wants impose a picture of herself in your thinking.
Mentally, if for example she was asked to pick a guy for a date, consult a guy and ask for his opinion, her thoughts at leisure, you are just the guy in the picture in her mind frame. In some ladies, you seem like the only option. Guess I should call this LOVE!

This mental attention paid to you, which you may not be aware of are then manifested physically by calling you at such leisure moments, wanting to talk, play around and 'annoy' you always. If you are just office colleagues or co-workers, she finds you the best person to go out with for lunch, she checks in on you in your office or comes around just to stare at you from a distance. You tend to notice her around you and everywhere, you bump into her a lot and all these acquaintances come with smiles or big grins.

If in school, she calls to hangout, she wants to be around you always because she feels safer with you, she dares to help you in ways she can and all these encompasses the ultimate motive which is HAPPINESS between you two. Not the regular "happy"..lol. This thus leads to the...
Emotional attention. Don't pull out when she leans on you, grabs your arms to hold her close around her waist, tilts her head to the side to rest on your collar bones and the best you can do at this time is to pamper her with light neck, cheek and forehead kisses. She wants to get tickled and her hair stroked
Just be yourself and be her Man.


If any girl claims she has never been jealous, trust me, she's yet to meet her soulmate (could be a guy, or girl *if she's a lesbian*).
A lady acting jealous is maybe when she sees you with another girl, paying attention to someone or something else is a clear sign she wants to be the only one for you. At this point, she tend to make decisions like giving up important stuff just to be with you, calls to check your schedule is on time, wants everything to be perfect so you don't see a loophole where another woman or material obsession can get in.

You can notice these acts of jealousy
- when she questions and enquires a lot about something or someone she feels could be parasitic to the relationship she wants to have with you
-when you see her lurking around places you should be and in this case, it may be seen as stalking
- she puts you up to tests you are unaware of just to be sure she can trust you
- she says and does things depicting she's the only one that is best for you and that you can trust her
The extent of jealousy could lead to insecurity and over sensitivity in a relationship.

You can never blame the girl, she wants to secure the "relationship to come" and when your casual relationship with a woman is at this stage, it is necessary for you as a guy to pop the question "Will you be my woman?"
And if you have future plans in mind, you may rephrase it like "will you be the woman I wanna be happy with for the rest of my life?"
You guys do know there are better lines..lol.
And one more 'EPIC' point, you know a girl likes you when she finds your dry jokes funny! Lol..
Oh well, these are the basics and this article is still developing. If you feel the need to add more or disprove any fact, please drop your comment(s). You may also contact the writer:
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