Monday, March 4, 2013


In a recent interview with Drew Milard of shortly before his visit to harvard, J.Cole talks about his skating rinks, his artistic evolution and Illuminati decoder rings.

J.Cole is by far one of the most popular rappers in the United States of America, but for some reason it seems like he never really gets the credit he's due. The fact of the matter is that J. Cole makes smart, accessible pop-rap in a landscape that rarely rewards such a thing. Though he's signed with Jay-Z's Roc Nation and openly and honestly operates within the pop-rap idiom, J.Cole is an auteur in a landscape where major rap albums are assembled by committee.

In the present day where controversy is on the rise and the eager fans go in-depth to know more about their favourite rappers, singers, rock stars, J.Cole comes plain about his Illuminati membership and for now, I think this should calm any ongoing rumour among his fans especially in this part of Africa (Nigeria).

From the interview;

Are you in the Illuminati?
J.Cole: YES.

Did they give you an Illuminati decoder ring?
J.Cole: YES.

Can I see it?
J.Cole: No. I'd have to kill you. But if you want me to kill you, I can show you.

By my own words, NICE ONE! I'm a big fan of J.Cole and thanks to my brother who got me the link to the interview posted about 5hours before this post. For the full interview, click HERE

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