Saturday, November 17, 2012

I AM NOT GAY! But I'm attracted to Guys..

A "disturbed" reader who has preferred to stay anonymous sent this to my mail in what I may tag "Sexual Identity Crisis". In his words;
" I'm a 21yr old guy who is highly appreciative of whatever is or looks good. I believe I'm 

STRAIGHT because I *do* girls, infact, a lot! But one thing I cannot judge myself of is the good 

feeling that sometimes sends my body on goose pimples anytime I see a guy, preferably young looking, 

cute, red lips, dimples, and above all, SWAGG on point! I'd feel to introduce myself and make friends 

just because I want to shake hands and prolly, chit-chat a lil. I know I'm not gay because I can't even  

imagine his MANHOOD in my butt or mine in someone else's !! It's disgusting!!!!!!! A few of mY 

friends have actually noticed over time and when I was asked, I came out clean but insisted I'M NOT 

GAY! Please share this and I just hope to prove majority wrong and myself, RIGHT"

Hmmmm, my friends, seriously what do you think?? This is quiet a tactical issue for me to just advice from my own perspective. I think, we should rub minds on this..
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