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let's make this money! "Top 10 ways to make money in Nigeria"

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Top 10 Ways To Make Money In Nigeria In 2012 – Money Making Business Ideas
As the average Nigerian youth, I was surfing the internet hoping to find something worthwhile to get busy with, at least, something to show my fellow youths that "yahoo" is not the way forward and corruption should be eradicated in this land, funny how we use that term "eradicate" for poverty so, I stumbled on this post and not to be selfish, I think it is worth sharing! :D

It still breaks my heart to hear that most graduate and youths in Nigeria today are unemployed due to the terrible economic situation of the country and to make matter worst, our leaders are doing nothing to help.

In this article, I will share with you some hidden secrets to making money in Nigeria.

I’m a Nigerian like you and I have discovered the secrets below.

Just remember to keep an open mind, be focused and persistent.

Top 5 Ways To Make Money In Nigeria

The top 5 ways to make money in Nigeria are:

Video Blogging
Your Talent / Gifts
How To Make Money In Nigeria On Youtube / Using Video Blogging

To most people, video blogging is not a new procedure, its has been there for ages and people are still making it online.

One of the popular Nigerian guy that started video blogging on Youtube is Jason Njoku he is the owner of IRoko TV.

He started by posting Nigerian movies on Youtube and now he has his own online TV, a multi-million Naira business.

He made it by buying rights to posting Nollywood movies and Nigerian songs online and he is a very wealthy man now.

To start video blogging, I suggest you use Youtube, since it’s the official video broadcasting site for Google.

Getting Started On Youtube


Register for an account  and follow the step by step instructions

Upload interesting videos and tag it properly.

Keep in mind, uploading someone’s video can get you into trouble

So try and create your own original videos and upload it.

That’s the only genuine way to prosper on Youtube.

How Do I Make Money On Youtube?

You make money on Youtube by monetizing your own uploaded videos

After you have uploaded your videos, YouTube will give you an option to monetize your videos.

You will make money for each ad Youtube display on your video.

Start Your Own Youtube News Channel

To young people out there, you can even start your own online news channel by using a Camera / Camcorder or your popular video recording equipment to take videos of breaking news and sharing it on Youtube.

Trust me several Millionaires have been made on Youtube.

Remember you can do anything once you set your mind on it.

How To Make Money Blogging Online

Blogging is one of the most profitable ways to make money online in 2012.

Anybody regardless of their nationality can make money online.

Getting Started With Blogging Online

You can get started for free by registering at popularly called is a free blogging platform owned by

They did this to enable people to share their minds free online thereby getting paid for it.

After you have registered, the platform is very straight forward.

You will have an option in the settings section to display ads on your blog.

And that’s how you make money blogging.

As your blog become popular, people will contact you to advertise on your website and you will get paid for it.

Things You Can Blog About

I highly suggest you blog about topics that interests you.

If you like gossip or gist, why don’t you go ahead and start a gossip / news blog.

You can also start an inspiration blog, motivation blog, health blog, education blog, beauty blog, celebrities blog, etc.

Keep in mind that your success lies in your consistency and your ability to supply original useful contents.

You can’t succeed if you use other peoples’ content.

You can simply get ideas from others but ensure you write your own original contents.

How To Make Money In Nigeria Through Freelance

Popular sites like, etc will allow you to register and take projects from people.

I’m not a fan of freelance because it’s highly saturated and competitive.

You can visit and register as a freelancer.

I use to love however, it has been acquired by

To start freelancing, simply visit any of the popular freelance sites, browse through their project and apply for them.

How To Make Money In Nigeria Through Farming / Agriculture

Agriculture / Farming is one of the most profitable ways to make money in Nigeria today.

Most of our graduates limit themselves by thinking getting an office job in the only way to make it in life.

Trust me there are thousands of silent Millionaires in Nigeria today who have made it through farming.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo is a big time farmer and that’s one of the secret to his success.

He’s got several acres of land in Ogun state dedicated to his farming business.

So keep in mind that farming still remains one of the most profitable ways to get wealth worldwide.

To all our youths, stop saying you can’t find a job, save some money, buy a land and cultivate it.

How To Make Money Using Your Talent

If you have a unique talent or skills, you should motivate yourself and ensure you use it to make a great future for yourself.

Popular music stars like P-Square, 2face,etc are making waves using their unique talents.

So if you’re gifted with a unique ability, ensure you put it to work.

If you can sing, why don’t you record a demo album and share it with recording labels.

If your talent attracts them, they’ll sign you up.

Additionally you can start small by recording your first album at a local recording studio, find a promoter and a music manager.

Go to TV stations and talk to them about getting an interview spot.

Buy a slot on TV stations to feature your video.

Popular TV station like NTA will charge you a small fee to feature your video.

If you can act, you should consider joining Nollywood.

How To Become A Nollywood Star (Actor / Actress)

You can go to acting schools like the Wale Adenuga Pefti School, their website is

Most popular Nollywood stars started from Wale Adenuga’ School.

Profitable Business Ideas In Nigeria

Other businesses you can venture into includes

Hotel business
Rental halls
School hostels
And so on
My Advice To Unemployed Nigerians

If you have been looking for a job for a while and nothing is forth coming, I highly encourage you to do something for your self.

Start a business, be focused and persistent.

You don’t need millions to start. You can start a business with minimum investment.

With time, you will be counted among the wealthiest.

Also keep in mind that winners never quit. No matter the kind of obstacles you’re facing if you’re determined to make it in life, the sky is your limit.