Thursday, January 31, 2013

[HYGIENE] Feet Odour: Causes and Combat tips

Feet odour is one of the hygiene problems humans (most especially men) have to deal with. The strong stench perceived by someone around you on removing your socks after a long day of sweat could be embarrassing enough as the person tends to move away from you. Personally, I've experienced something of such when a lady
invited me to her hostel after a long day on campus and I know for sure, my already sticky hightop would cause a silent drama. Lol. You know how ladies are, you are definitely the topic of discussion afterwards and other boring days. So that urged me to share this article with you. Know more
Your feet have over 250,000 sweat glands. So its quite natural for them to sweat and soak our socks. However, sweat is not the root of the odour problem, but bacteria is. Bacteria growth thrives in damp and dark places. Sweaty feet and socks that have been in shoes all day will quickly grow these odour causing bacteria.

So what can you do to prevent the odour?

1) Wear the right kind of socks -
Make sure to wear socks that are clean and dry. In addition, they should be made mostly of cotton to absorb sweat and allow your feet to breath.

2) Keep your feet clean -
Wash your feet every day. Washing and soaking your feet in a tub of water may be more beneficial to help keep odor away.

3) Find the right pair of shoes -

Make sure to find shoes that are not too tight. Such shoes will cause excessive sweat.

4) Switch shoes and socks -
Wearing the same pair of shoes every day can cause stronger odors because they need proper time for the sweat to dry. The same holds true for socks. If they are damp, wear another pair.

5) Use a disinfectant spray -

Kill bacteria in your shoes by using this spray. Leaving your shoes out in the sun also helps to kill germs.

6) Wear odor absorbing insoles -

These also absorb sweat and helps prevent a moist bacteria breeding ground. Remember to clean the insoles as well and let them dry before reusing them.

7) Avoid wearing plastic shoes -
These shoes causes extra sweat because they do not allow your feet to breath.

8) Go shoeless - Let your feet breath.

9) Change your diet -

Try to reduce eating foods that are high in fat such as beef and pork and smell inducing foods such as garlic and onion.

10) Take zinc supplements -
Foot odor may be caused by a zinc-deficiency. Before taking zinc, please consult your doctor.

Let's face it, having smelly feet is embarrassing. Fortunately, foot odour can be controlled and minimised by following the aforementioned list. If you still have problems with foot odour, you may want to speak with your doctor to find additional steps to take.

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