Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The reason why almost everyone wants to have a blog cannot be far-fetched. Based on my personal experience, I mean how I started blogging; I was in search of answers to what I couldn't get easily in my immediate surroundings.
As a matter of fact, I bumped into blogging and I started it with fun hoping to make it something like my 'online diary'. This is so unusual nowadays in that "virtually everyone" goes into blogging to monetize, I mean make money from it. Truth be told, we all want money and I bet 'money' has no enemy but strategizing one's way into increasing traffic on your site, not for the main purpose of satisfying the readers' wants with the contents on there but with the hope of getting them to click on ads which earns the site money is just WRONG!! I'm also a blogger (HubEnt) and believe it when I say I started off on a rookie note, forget about you not seeing ads on my blog,

I'm much happier when you are satisfied with what you find on there.
I started with the domain ( which is now HubEnt, because as an artiste, a rapper to be precise, I couldn't get the top sites in our country to have my music posted online and trust me, it was really beautiful when I set it up and looked at my very own post about my songs, the hype I gave myself and all that...lool. It felt like a world to express myself without boundaries. So I continued and checked up on top blogs and what they were not doing well and maybe I could focus my strength on that and outsmart them and that was really a smart idea. But then, it dawned on me that what I'm actually focusing on is almost, if not outside the world of entertainment and since the most demanding in this age is all about entertainment and myself, I'm into entertainment, I gave it my all as long as music, videos, gossips and gist, health tips, library and other informative ways are concerned. There are so many yet unasked and unanswered questions and I took it as my goal to get answers to these questions and put smiles on faces.
What a story yea? Lol, I could email you the rest. What prompted me to write this up is the way bloggers are always attacked on social media platforms. Trying to satisfy each and every one is like having to cook different varieties of food to a group of people with different allergies, so believe me when I say bloggers are doing a GREAT job.

It's funny some believe that the only purpose of having blogs is to be "all about the owner" which could be imagined as having your own house with everything you will ever want inside, that's quiet impossible if you will permit me to say that. Bloggers go a step further than the usual to bring updates to your doorstep and all you have to do is check your email, feeds, twitter timeline or Facebook wall to fit in into the big world proper because really, Ignorance is a disease and Information is Power!

As your humble blogger, all "we" require of you is your support which is much appreciated in the "sincere" comments you add to each and every post as these comments go a long way in determining the quality of services further provided.

Don't imagine this as a pity party, excuse or apology note but a platform of understanding in which both parties (bloggers and readers) understand what is required of each and suggesting a better approach to remediating a case of improper blogging ( I know cases like this occur)

But seriously, what will the world be without BLOGGERS??? *dodges stone* Lol >>> your comments please...

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