Sunday, May 5, 2013

WOW! Keri Hilson actually prepared 'FUFU' (photos)

Wow! Azziinnn WOW! I'm impressed! Are you? LOL. She posted this pic of her making FUFU on her instagram page with the caption 'making fufu is a reaaal workout! Gotta put your back into it' . Without a doubt, she made it! But I can't see any 'egusi' or 'efo riro' soup here with bush meats to complete the african dish..LOL! And this kinda cooking is SWAGGUU!!..our women would tie wrappers to show how serious they are with it.. #JustTeasing
Miss Keri baby, you attempting this is something and coming through with it is just you being AWESOME!! Go girrrlllll!!!!!! *salivates*

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