Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Inherited My Hips with Vengeance From My Mother - Omotola

The "bootylicious-curvy" lovely mum of 4, actress and TIME Icon said, in a recent interview with Encomium, that she inherited her physical endowment from her mother and how it's been a struggle for her to stay slim as her job requires. 

What is the secret of your radiant look? 
There is no major secret. That's the truth. Most of them were inherited. I inherited the good stuff, so also the bad one. If you see my mom's picture, she actually looked like a young girl. Till she passed on, we used to call her forever young,even before that song came out. My mom had a teenager look, even when she was almost 50. She was a very hippy and curvy woman. That, she passed on to me with vengeance. That's why it has been a very big struggle for me to stay as slim as my job requires. 

But people are saying you had done an implant that perhaps brought out you hips... 
I have also heard that but there is nothing like that. I have never done any surgery or implant. It's just me being extremely careful and conscious of my body, job and everything. Naturally, as a human being, sometimes i get it perfectly right, sometimes, the body just does what it wants to do. I just keep trying.