Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What You Should Know About Tiwa Savage's Decision To Marry Her Manager, TeeBillz

In a recent interview with City People magazine, Nigerian songstress Tiwa Savage revealed why and how she made up her mind to marry her manager Tunji Balogun. 

 Excerpts below: 
Why did you decide to dedicate a song to Tee Billz {In her new album, Tiwa has a song dedicated to her fiance}? 
 Its not easy for we ladies in the showbiz industry to find a man we can call our own. We all need a man that will understand, love and appreciate us and having found this man; I appreciate and love him most. When we are outside, I am a superstar and it’s all about work but when we are at home, he is my superstar. A lot of successful women, especially in Nigeria find it hard to find a man that will understand that you might not be there every night to cook, clean and look after the kids. In this kind of world you can’t just focus on music, so when I found somebody that was understanding, I had to dedicate the song to him because he sacrificed a lot for me. People don’t realize that he works a lot harder for me than anybody else. 

What is the story behind it all? 
When I didn’t have any money, he was the one investing in me. Now it is easy to invest in Tiwa Savage because the brand is successful. He took a big risk investing time and money and people don’t realize that. You know he paid for my videos, paid for me to fly out here, paid for my dresses, my photo shoot and that is what made me who I am today. 

Is that how you fell in love with him? 
 Initially we didn’t plan it, we were just working together and I really used to tease him about one girl or the other and I kept asking him “when are you getting married?”At some point, we got talking and we went deep and it was just what happened. 

There is a difference between relationship and marriage, why did you decide to marry him?
He is someone who believed in me, when nobody believed in me. He is someone who prays for me even when I can’t remember to pray for myself. He takes the fault, he is someone who protects me. We prayed about it, and had the consent and peace of the pastor and family and I feel when you have the peace about something in your heart and God has showed you what way to go, there is no denying it. You just have to go that way.