Friday, August 9, 2013

‘D’banj didn’t steal my song’, – Durella


A few weeks back, there was yet another controversial banter in the online sphere when blogs reported that Pop singer Durella had accused his long-time friend/colleague D’banj of ‘stealing’ his song. Durella has finally cleared the air, explaining that it was all not true. It was reported that Durella had told anyone who cared to listen that he actually owned the song ‘Blame it on the money‘, and that D’banj took it from him and made another version with international rappers Big Sean and Snoop Dogg. To fuel things the more, Durella’s version (which he possibly recorded while under his former record label IKONIC Music) hit the streets. But Durella seems to be singing another tune. 

In an interview with HipTv, Durella says it’s all a lie, explaining that he recorded his version after D’banj released his just to ‘test his ability’. 

‘Actually, I know a lot of controversy has been going on out there because of this song. Blame it on the money is D’banj’s song, I actually went to do my version when he did his just to test my ability, as he’s my brother. D’banj didn’t steal my song. But enemies and ‘churchillians’ are saying a lot of things out there‘, Durella explains. 

Durella confuses matters though because the official artwork of the single carries the IKONIC Music logo. Durella says he parted ways with IKONIC months ago. It might be a flimsy excuse but Durella is sticking with it. 

Fans of both artistes who have also watched the interview don’t seem to be buying the story, with majority saying Durella is lying. ‘The message is clear that Durella owns the song. Cos even his countenance says it all. Dbanj tried to use the song big time and don’t want to pay any royalty to him if the song make a way for him. 
So this video will be use against Durella any day any time in the future‘, omekaarizona wrote on popular music blog NotjustOk. ‘Well if that is the case, Durella should not have done the song
Especially knowing fully well that the song was an international cross over attempt by Dbanj. smh. 
What is wrong with artistes in Naija sef. I tire men‘, Music critic Gbenga Solitude wrote. 

The ‘Club rock’ singer has further explained that D’banj is ‘angry with him’ for recording his own version. ‘Notwithstanding, he’s still my friend, he’s my brother, we’re still family‘, Durella added. 

A rep for D’banj didn’t respond to our phone call or text message. Despite Durella’s insistence on a close bond with D’banj, it seems their relationship might be strained. Durella has stopped telling people he is signed to DB Records (owned by D’banj) and was not present at the DKM Concert earlier this year.

Credit: NET