Sunday, November 3, 2013

CheckOut: Anti-Rape wears for Ladies [VIDEO]

The creators of a new clothing line have devised yet another means to prevent rape and help women feel safer on the streets.  
The new anti rape short called AR Wear (anti-rape wear) doesn't send electric shocks like previous anti rape products, rather it frustrates the would-be rapist by making it difficult to remove either by force or stealth (in situations where the victim cannot resist because she has had too much to drink, was drugged, or is asleep). 

The waist, thighs, and central panels of the shorts are protected with specially designed, cut resistant straps and webbing. Once the waist strap has been adjusted and locked with its unique locking device, the garment cannot be pulled down. As well as the straps at the thighs. 
The thigh straps, after an initial adjustment by the wearer, prevents the leg openings from being lifted or shifted to the sides by someone else. Below is a video the clothing company posted on how AR Wear (anti-rape wear) works. The only problem is if you need to use the toilet urgently, you will definitely end up peeing/pooing on yourself. 

Would you buy one still?

ARWEAR from ARWEAR on Vimeo.

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