Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oh not again! [VIDEO] Justin Beiber sparks Argentinians' Anger! Apologizes Openly [Read TWEETS]
Justin Bieber could be facing prison time and you won’t believe what for. Bieber angered fans and Argentinian officials when he allegedly desecrated their country’s flag during a recent concert. The flag was thrown on stage by a fan during the show, and as he wrapped up one of his hit singles, Justin cleared the stage of the clutter that had accumulated during his set.

  As usual, JBiebs’ reps have come to his rescue, saying the 19-year-old would never disrespect a flag and the whole thing is one big misunderstanding. 
TMZ reports that the item was not a flag, but a t-shirt with the flag printed on it. Justin’s camp says he was merely trying to brush the shirt, along with bras, panties, and other items, off to the side to avoid stepping on them during the concert. 

TMZ reached out to diplomatic officials at embassies in Buenos Aires and Washington about the incident. Authorities say people are not happy with Justin’s alleged disrespect for Argentina. 

One lawyer in Cordoba has reportedly taken legal action, filing paperwork slamming Biebs for “insulting the flag.” In the wake of all the controversy, Justin has issued a lengthy apology to his Argentinian Beliebers in a series of tweets below:

Justin’s stay in South America has been riddled with run-ins with the law. The “Bad Day” singer has been charged with vandalism and is believed to have been spotted strolling out of a high-class brothel. Stay out of trouble, Bieber
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