Wednesday, May 15, 2013

[LIBRARY]: I have got what it takes to woo any girl but...

... I SNORE a lot!
"I'm a 300L Civil Engineering Student of one of the reputable Federal Universities around (Name withheld) and believe it when I say, I'm on my GRIND!

The way every thing happens around me is always to my ease and sometimes I couldn't help but ask my friends why my life seems to be much easier than when I first gained admission and they quoted 9ice saying "Life na turn by turn, Na your turn. I dey beg baba God make e reach my turn". I can relate to this but the most striking part is the ease with which I flirt. You can say it's the money because I'm at least, OK to buy any girl her average want. I'm cute, I get that a lot and many other things you don't wanna know lest you get
And now, the problem I have is I SNORE and it makes me feel incomplete and less courageous to even walk up to ladies, although it could be very compensating to have someone tell me he snores too or that it is a normal thing but it's not like I'm a big drinker nor is it that I am fat. I've actually googled a lot and although what I read looked helpful, I would like to know the honest comments of HubEnt readers as to their experience or how necessary is it to do without it."

Dear reader, please share a sincere comment. Thanks :)