Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Joseph Yobo set to seek Legal Redress over lies published

The captain of the national football team-The Super Eagles of our great country is not presently in the best of moods. Main reason is because some people have thought to rubbish him, throw the name he took time to build in the mud & to try to disunite his family. And because of this he has made up his mind that he has not going to take it lying low. 

Maestro's Media spoke extensively with the ace defender who plays for the Turkish giant Fenerbahce FC earlier today and he told Maestro without mincing a word that all that has been written about him & his extended family members are pack of lies from the pits of hell. He says ''There's is no iota of truth in the report that has gained grounds of recent'' ''There was no encounter of the such that was described to have happened between my mother-in-law and I''. We as a family are in the best of place in our lives currently. Someone from some place, just sat down and decided to construct a lie: a total fabrication from their own imagination. 

He went on further ''I love my wife and I love her very much, nothing anyone does can bring any division between us and between our families. The Yobos & the Fashanus have a great relationship, a fantastic one at that and very good mutual respect for each other, and we thank God for that.

There was never a time that I sent my Mother-in-Law packing from my home for being a bad influence on her own daughter, who is my wife. How can people just come up with stories about what never happened. Still quoting the player who is currently the most capped Nigerian player to have played for the National team- 'We have no problems at all'. We have 2 great houses next to each other in Istanbul, Turkey that is big enough to accommodate our families, without anyone invading on anyone's privacy. 

They are just trying to destroy the 2 families. When we first came across the stories, we thought okay it was just one of those silly little gossips and that it would soon fade away and be forgotten. Only for us to read it and found out it was very well orchestrated pack of lies, from the beginning to the end of it: they didn't even know where I am from and claimed I am from Plateau State. 

 They constructed lies about my mother-in-law and her family, claiming all that is not true and that they have no proof of. Most definitely, this is just somebody trying to damage these families. I can tell you categorically, I would not swap my wife for anybody in this world, no woman from anywhere can take her place, she means the world to me. 

The number of calls we have received over this falsehood is unbelievable. People calling to find out what was going on. I tell you now and this is the absolute truth- ''My wife is my best friend, she's my queen, she's my everything, our families are doing great and doing very well together. 

Anyone thinking otherwise is only wasting his or her time. I am not going to allow anyone disrespect my Mother-in-law wrongfully. I am not going to accept this. They have stepped way out of line this time and I am not going to take it lying low. We would definitely seek legal redress. 

He is going ahead to sue now because he alleges that what has been published borders on outright unfounded allegations that cannot be substantiated by the writers of the publications.