Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Is she gonna be Kim West or Kim K. West after tying the knot with Kanye?

Kim Kardashian has been married twice before, but only with Kanye West has she decided to change her name after their wedding.
Kim, 33, got engaged to her baby's daddy Kanye, 36, last week and already they are making plans for their big day.

In a chat with E! News, when Kim was asked whether she was going to take Kanye's surname, Kim said: "Yeah, I will. It'll be Kim Kardashian West."  

Kim went on to reveal that the decision is largely down to wanting to feel connected as a family, after she and Kanye became parents to baby North West in June. 

The decision to change her name certainly shows Kim's commitment to the relationship, but there are concerns that this may cause family drama.

Back in 2011 when Kim married Kris Humphries, she had toyed with the idea of ditching the 'Kardashian' tag altogether and becoming Kim Humphries.
Kim had excitedly told guests at her engagement party of her name change plans. Only for her mum Kris to march Kim  into her office to tell her she wouldn't be changing her name because the Kardashian brand was too strong.

Kim eventually backed down and remained a Kardashian.