Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ain't Selling Out! Singer Adele rejects $19million deal with L'Oreal

The UK singer Adele reportedly declined a $19 million (12 million pounds sterling) contract to replace Cheryl Cole as the makeup giant’s new face. She backed out of the deal after months of negotiations, the United Kingdom’s Mirror reported.

“L’Oreal was in negotiations for the deal with Adele and it looked to be happening — but she just changed her mind on it,” a L’Oreal source told the Mirror. “L’Oreal is gobsmacked that she turned down such a huge amount.”
What can we say? The woman is protective of her brand and isn’t here to “sell out,” as she once said.

This 25-year-old songstress went from having the most popular records in the world, to disappearing into obscurity to raise her son, and re-appearing only for music-related events.

She’s got a formula to her success, and it just so happens that cosmetics and beauty company L’Oreal was not in that game plan – no matter how many millions they wanted to talk.

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