Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ayo app (Ayò Ọlópón) now available for Android Phones!

Do you want to beat your friends anywhere in the world in a game of Ayo? The game is available on the Google play store for android phones. While playing with these friends, you can also chat with them! How cool is that? The free Ayo app on the Google Play store has been designed to be interactive and engaging to create a realistic gaming experience. 

The awesome graphics coupled with a fluid user interface are also a great addition to the game. There are multiple modes you can play Ayo in. If you don’t want to play a friend, you can play in one player mode against the computer. Also, the app can automatically match you up with other Ayo players around the world. 

Never played Ayo before or are rusty? The step by step demo in the game will get you going in a few minutes! Whether you are an Ayo pro or just playing it for the first time, you will definitely have fun with it. Here’s the app on Google Play:
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