Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Emmy Collins lashes out at Omotola, Genevieve and Rukky Sanda

The self propelling Nollywood critic is at it again and this time hitting the nail on the head about these known celebs.
Here's what he wrote yesterday about Rukky Sanda, Omotola and Genevieve Nnaji.

My dear late mum had always feared that my big mouth would put me in trouble. There must be something in my DNA that doesn’t allow me to ignore toxic issues regardless of how much I try. So, if you are wondering why I couldn`t be just as “SELFISH” as most of the bloggers and blog only about topics that will generate goodwill towards me from the readers, well, quit wondering as the answer is simply because I just can`t help myself, lolll. I have read about people basically insinuating that I am daft because I don’t use my blogging medium to make money. Well in Igbo we have a saying that goes “agbacha oso aguo mile”(time shall tell). Now let’s delve straight into the images and other stuff that transpired.

  •  Rukky Sanda and Breasts 
Kaiiii, Rukky never ceases to pull one on me.
I mean classy isn`t exactly the accurate word to describe my homegurl Rukky but she surpassed herself on this one. There seems to be a calculated attempt by some of these razz chics to keep themselves constantly in the news. I probably would do the same to divert attention if my movies stink to high heaven.

Anyway, I can honestly tell you guys for free that even “women of the night” that hang around the Streets of VI and Ikeja will shy away from displaying their market in this manner.

  • Omotola aka Omosexy 
Wowwww, I didn`t realise this big bird outfit comes in black/grey as well. This is a clear indication that Omotola has the intention of making this trendy but I believe she is fighting a lost battle. Can someone please tell us who styles this lady? I promise to post her stylist’s details so that her fans will know where to channel their hate mails instead of sending to me because all I`m doing is analysing images.

I didn`t put her in any of her hideous outfits. This is one lady who could have been fashionably outstanding only if she could bother to wear the right outfit. What is that synthetic leather strap on her back for? I wouldn`t be surprised to see a few animal rights activists behind her with placards rallying against the amount of feathers Omotola has on and chanting “we want our feathers back now” lol.

Omotola might as well trademark the big birdyyyy look nah make everyone comot hand as she has officially made it hers now.

  • Genevieve Nnaji

 A reader called me out for not making any comment on Genevieve`s weight gain but I was totally oblivious to it. However,with this afo (belly) wey dey shoot out here, I hereby raise my two hands up; yup, I goofed on that one. Weight gain? 
This is somewhere Genevieve doesn`t want to go because she is petite and the moment she loses her figure, we will be left with an image of a tele-tubby. Nne, Uche gi dikwa ya o (Make ur head correct o). The design and fit seems classy but that belly has rubbished everything. 
 Two words Genny, BELLY CRUNCHES. Make we yarn for Igbo so everyone no go understand?
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